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1. Deconstructing Standards

-Targeted Standards

-Vertical Articulation Template

-Standards Deconstruction Template

-Implications for Instruction (two sets per grade level which participants can edit)

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2. Training Power Point

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3. Math Scaffolding Activities & Resources

Reviewing Math Task- 3.OA.8 and 3.OA.9 Houses in a Row

Reviewing Math Task- 3.OA.5, 3.OA.6, 3.OA.8 and 3.MD.7 Boxing the Pots

Daily/Weekly Review for Multiplication and Addition Templates

Power Point Example

Math Blocks Template- for Multiplication and Addition

More or Less than a Liter- Questions

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4. Science Scaffolding Activities & Resources

Clear Target
I will create a graph to collect temperature data.
I will analyze collected temperature data.

Math Standards
3.MD.B.3 Draw a scaled picture graph and a scaled bar graph to represent a data set with several categories. Solve one- and two-step “how many more” and “how many less” problems using information presented in scaled bar graphs.

Science Standards
0307.8.1.GLE - Recognize that there are a variety of atmospheric conditions that can be measured.
0307.8.2.GLE - Use tools such as the barometer, thermometer, anemometer, and rain gauge to measure atmospheric conditions.

Excel Spreadsheet for Collecting Weather Data
For newer versions of Excel

For older versions of Excel

How To Gather Forecast Data from Weather Underground for Our Activity
The video below walks you through gathering the forecasted data from Weather Underground's website.

How To Collect Forecasted Temperature Data

Example of Recorded data from Logger Pro and Logger Lite
Below data files with temperature and air pressure data collected over 7 hour time frame from 2 different days that can be downloaded and opened in your version of Vernier's Logger program. Logger Pro uses a '.cmbl' file. Logger Lite uses a '.gmbl' file.

It is possible to change the units and use Autoscale on the previously collected data to adjust the view of the weather data.

Air Pressure and Temperature data from a mostly cloudy and rainy day over 7 hours of time.
Logger Pro Data
Logger Lite Data

Air Pressure and Temperature data from a party cloudy and day with snow over 7 hours of time.
Logger Pro Data
Logger Lite Data

How To Use the Vernier Logger Pro for 3rd Grade MSP "Weather Data"

Additional Help Documents
Barometer and Air Pressure Basics

Logger Pro - Use "Replay" to Playback Data Collection
Logger Pro has the ability to replay data collection. This is handy when the data collection happened either very quickly or over a long time period. The playback can be slowed down or sped up to allow for discussion of the data.

  1. In the menu bar, click "Analyze".
  2. In the Analyze menu, click "Replay...". A window will open.
  3. Choose the speed of the playback.
  4. Move the slider to the left to slow the collection replay down for short experiments like those for the Go!Motion sensor. Move the slider to the right to speed up the playback of the collection data for long term experiments such as those for the barometer.
  5. Click "Start".

Excel "How to Freeze a Row or Column, But Move the Data"

Excel "How to Create Multiple Graphs and Charts from 1 Data Table"

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